Future Scouts (est. 2016) is an international decentralized scouting organization for 21st century learners of all ages and genders. We create experiences, invent tools and develop technologies that help youngsters, teens and adults become self-directed, lifelong learners.

*phyle (pronounced like ‘file’): an intergenerational peer learning community

sharing and exchanging skills, knowledge, know-how and value.

The mission of the Future Scouts is to prepare learners with survival skills for the 21st century. We create transformative learning and service opportunities for ages 6 and up.

Future Scouts promotes a self-directed, peer-to-peer, and lifelong learning approach for education with no age ceilings, no gender limits, no geographical borders, and no costbarriers.

Since 2016 we have served:

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Here’s a short video introduction to the Future Scouts.

Want to learn more about us? Check out the Future Scouts Gazette – our publication for self-directed, lifelong learners.

Meet some of the Future Scout Peers

We have a growing list of trusted facilitators, educators and mentors within our network. If you’re interested in becoming a Peer Mentor within the Future Scouts, get in touch today.


Future Scouts dApp & Crypto Token: MERIT

This fall, Future Scouts is opening to early contributors. Learners will be able to earn and redeem MERIT, our official token, within our ecosystem and with our partners. The Future Scouts dApp will include access to regularly hosted virtual workshops, remote prototyping sessions and various free content from the Handbook of 21st Century Survival Skills.

The Future Scouts dApp is designed to help grow the Future Scouts network through learners connecting to one another and themselves as they develop as self-directed, lifelong learners.

Develop ^SKILLS^

Our dApp contains short form video content, and age-appropriate curriculum that memorably inform youth and help them develop specific skills, literacies and competencies.


As scouts level up their literacies, skills and competencies, they build MERIT, the official cryptocurrency token of Future Scouts. More info about MERIT soon @ meritus.cc.


The Scouts Handbook of 21st Century Survival Skills

(Global Pandemic Edition!)

After 5 years of running programs with youth aged 5-75, we’ve harvested, analyzed and synthesized our learnings into an artifact made for learners of all ages. Updated regularly, available digitally and physically, the Future Scouts Handbook is a comprehensive, practical reference guide to self-directed, lifelong learning. It’s also the foundation for joining or starting a Future Scouts Phyle.


Not everyone has the same learning preferences. The more learners can learn how they learn, the more effective they can self-direct their own learning. We introduce learners to ways that they can develop their own natural intelligences.

Vetted Learning Resources

We’ve narrowed down the enormous research into hundreds of tools, experiments, and games into this artifact, designed to facilitate your own unique learning journey.We link to resources where learners can dig deeper into specific fields of interest.

Intellectual Self Defense

We’ll examine the hidden hand of cognitive biases in our sensemaking, in our systems, and in the media. Learners are equipped with mental and relational strategies that help them build immunity against misinformation, coersion and manipulation.

Tools, Tips and Tricks

We provide content, tools and frameworks for individuals to learn in small peer groups, develop practical skills while experimenting, and create patterns for alternative learning.

Miles (21)

Alumni of Future Scouts

Los Angeles, CA

“I took home with me better work ethic. It helped me move faster with my creative process. I have less fear about trying new things. More trust in myself and other people. Future Scouts helped me understand the future isn’t something that other people control. It’s what I make of it. ”

“Future Scouts encourages imagination, the desire to learn and creativity from youth. Facilitators propose different activities that make students engage with systemic problems and prototype solutions. This implies that they have to review different knowledge of different subjects like science, math and art to find creative solutions to wicked problems.”
Gema Fernandez


Madrid, Spain

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Ask Naruto!

Naruto is a conversational interface built using advanced AI. We’re creating Naruto to assist you with your self-directed learning. You can ask him all sorts of questions about our programs, our schedule, and a quite a few other things (like memes), and he’ll do his best to answer.