The HNDBK of 21st Century Survival Skills

After six years of running programs with “youth,” ages 5-75, we have harvested, analyzed and synthesized our experiences into a next-gen Scouting handbook, soon to be available digitally and in hard copy, that is a practical, useful and handy on your journey of self-directed, lifelong learning.

The Scouts Handbook of 21st Century Survival Skills is the foundation for joining or starting a Future Scout Phyle. It can help you to forge your own alternative learning path, both active and participatory, with a customized format that is responsive to your own distinct, emerging needs. We hope our Future Scouts HNDBK helps you to thrive as a self-directed, lifelong learner.


Use of the HNDBK can lead to unexpected outcomes in your life.

It may have one or more of the following effects on your mind/body/spirit:

ignited imagination

a new relationship with learning

accelerated adaptation to changing circumstances

an expanded sense of agency

heightened situational awareness

greater capabilities to handle uncertainty

ability to direct focus and attention

ability to respond gracefully to difficulties

increased critical thinking skills and sensemaking capacity