The Future Scouts Peer Network Team

We are a distributed network of peers with diverse perspectives, backgrounds and skills. What we share is an intense curiosity and optimism about the future, a love for learning, and a healthy distrust of formalized educational systems and settings.

This fall, we're opening up applications for individuals and small scouts peers network team to catalyze some of our Founding Phyles around the world.

Our Founding Stewards

Ishan Shapiro

Founder / Steward of the Future Scouts

Ishan Shapiro is a creative entrepreneur, artist and storyteller. With a classical training in film direction, he's a medium-agnostic storytelling who lives to make sense of the complexity involved in addressing wicked problems. Mapping concepts, networks, and narratives in the context of contemporary culture and movements, his primary interest lies in how to use and innovation to empower communities and collectives to innovate through technology, creativity, curiosity and imagination.

Megan Daalder

Steward of Experiential Pedagogy

Megan May Daalder is a LA/NYC based narrative artist who works at the intersection of live performance and recorded media. Her work explores the human desire for intimacy and identity in the context of science and technology. Megan explores possible futures and how they may, or may not, connect to our preferred futures. She has worked with high school students at UCLA’s Art|Sci Nanolab summer program, and led storytelling workshops for UCLA’s iGEM team. She recently released Children of the Singularity, documenting the live of children whose parents have adopted futuristic lifestyles ahead of the curve.

DeKoven Ashley

Steward of Operations & Development

DeKoven is an Innovation Strategist with a passion for Human-centered Design as well as Product and Program Management. He’s a trained Urban Designer and Community Organizer with over 13+ years of experience in strategic consulting encompassing all aspects of the business and digital development lifecycles. He enjoys deep research and facilitating conversations that create monetary, social and cultural and local value, and serves as a conduit between peers from the boardroom to the field.

Founding Scouts Peer Mentors

Ele Jansen (Germany)

Radical Play

Ruben Dario (Mexico)

Agile Learning

Watson Hartsoe (East Coast)

Pedagogy & Prototyping

Matthew Stoltz (West Coast)

Indigenous Ways of Learning

Connor Turland

Systems Development

Jocelyn Ibarra

Time Travel

Gabriel Shalom (NYC)

Hypermedia Producer

Pegah Vaezi

Systems Design

Katie Gemmer

Body & Movement Coach

Youth & Elders Advisory Council

We believe that resilient communities are built on intergenerational relationships. The Youth & Elders Council is integrated into the governance of the Future Scouts Code. Peers of any age may apply – we recognize that wisdom has no age barriers. Peers on this council are active participants in the development of the governance of the Future Scouts, the Future Scouts Code, and in time, the Future Scouts Foundation. The Youth & Elders Council provides feedback on the experiences, tools and methods of the Future Scouts.

We are currently taking applications for participation in the first Future Scouts Youth and Elders Advisory Phyle.

Apply by September 30th, 2021.

Community Partners & Supporters

We are currently assembling our Community Partners and Supporters around the world. These include major academic institutions, innovation studios, world builders and media partners. We are excited to announce our first round of Phyle Partnerships in September 2021.

If you or your organization is aligned with the Future Scouts Code and part of a truly next-generation Distributed Service Organization, we'd love to talk to you about partnering with the Future Scouts.