Volunteer Opportunities with Future Scouts.

Interested in working with young people and developing your own preferred future? The Future Scouts are seeking volunteers for a variety of roles!

The Future Scouts are piloting our platform and programming in advance of our global membership launch. We are currently onboarding volunteers who have experience in peer mentorship, curriculum development, self-directed learning and tech systems.

As we grow, we will be opening up our membership to include educators, service providers, partners and other like-minded youth service leaders.

You can be a part of developing and growing the leadership capacity of the young people (and yourself!) in Future Scouts.

Become a Peer Mentor.

Help support youth to learn vital 21st century survival skills.

Join a Phyle.

Get involved in a bioregional group of Future Scouts, or one that’s based on interests.

Start a Phyle.

No Phyle in your area yet, or related to your interest? Create your own.

Join as a Future Scouts


This is your first step on your pathway to becoming a Future Scouts Peer Mentor. Join an intergenerational peer-to-peer learning community today and get a glimpse of the future of Scouting.

Apply to be a Future Scouts Peer Mentor

Apply to work together with experienced Future Scout Peer Mentors, who will share their knowledge and experience with you so that you can become a facilitator of self-directed, lifelong learning.

Got more questions? Join the Future Scouts Discord today.

What are the roles that you can play in Future Scouts?


A Peer Mentor provides exceptional support to a Future Scout in learning new skills or in developing existing skills. Their role is to ease and encourage learning and inspire trust. Their role is to be a resource, companion, role model and friend to a Future Scout. Their role is to be present and humble, listen, and guide.


Architects are team members that will create game and curriculum experiences to teach 21st Century Survival Skills. They will also design and develop those experiences to be accessed via our platform, along with other digital tools and platforms for learning.


Navigators implement the day-to-day tasks and practices necessary to ensure that projects, events and experiences in Future Scouts go according to plan. We always need navigators who can help us with strategic planning, day-to-day administrative tasks, relationship management, and tasks that demand coordination and collaboration.


Work closely and directly within the core Phyle team to help create our emergent curriculum and create a safe, inclusive and respectful learning environment.


We are always looking for producers with APPmastery in illustration, writing, story development, event planning, coding, dance, music, and many other skills.


Participate in the design and execution of long-term strategy that will lead to artistic, cultural and social change through youth service, education, and community-making.